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Service tenet

Our Expertise

A dragon provides software and hardware services

High quality and high reliability testing equipment

Fast strain capacity and faster ECN turnover

Provide on-site guidance and commissioning operation of test equipment

Quick response within 24 hours

Sufficient spare parts

Local network support

Our tenet

High quality products

Comprehensive technical support

Perfect after sales service

Customer oriented

Our team is good at providing a wide variety of integrated circuit boards

Online testing solutions, to meet the diverse needs of customers to the greatest extent. We are engaged in the testability of circuit boards

Design analysis and software development, and undertake the production of a variety of circuit board online testing equipment and fixtures.

Our Strength

Hardware & Software under ONE Shop

Quality & Reliable Fixtures

Quick Turn Capability and Faster ECN Turnaround

Presence during Prototype, Pilot and Production run

Prompt Response within 24 hours; Availability of Spares

Regional Network Support

Our Strategies

Quality Product

Best Support

Excellent Service

Regional Network Support