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In the field of machining, tooling and fixture design are engineers and technicians must grasp and need to be very skilled in the use of the actual production to work, it requires an enterprise to be in the shortest time, with the best of the fixture, with the fastest speed to produce qualified products on the market. Therefore, it is very important for an enterprise and every engineering and technical personnel to choose what kind of means and what kind of design software to use.

In the past, the older generation of engineers are used as a design tool for drawing and square design, the design cycle is long and the entity analysis effect is poor, is not conducive to the analysis and improvement of design effect. Such as whether there is mutual interference between parts, between the moving parts and fixed parts if there is a collision, the overall structure is reasonable, whether to achieve the best effect design, have no way to judge, but because it is a two-dimensional maps, how to improve, how to improve the effect, no entity reference, is hard to say, this is the objective conditions (at the time of the drawing board and a T-square) caused by backward play, largely restricted to the engineering and technical personnel's ability and cleverness.

Rapid design fixture using CAXA

How to choose the best design software, so that the design entity effect is fast and sound, both intuitive and can continue to improve design defects, and print out for the production of drawings, but also in line with the national drawing standards, this problem has been placed in front of the vast number of engineering and technical personnel. After nearly five years of in-depth study and research, I recommend to the majority of engineering and technical personnel of a CAD design software: CAXA design software. The design software is very intuitive and easy to learn, there is almost no threshold for beginners, without the need to master too many basic knowledge of drawing.

CAXA series of software in China is completely independent intellectual property rights of the domestic software, which is used in 2D drawing software, the electronic board for physical design software, the 3D modeling and simulation analysis for process planning and process guidance process chart software, process for working material summary summary of the software for drawings and electronic materials management document management software etc.. CAXACAD software is very powerful, the entity design and electronic board is particularly suitable for the fixture design and development, and truly achieve the "entity design effect fast, intuitive and can continuously improve the design defects, and print out for the production of drawings also conforms to the national standard drawing", is a very good software design. In this paper, only entity design and electronic drawing board two software, for example, to do some characteristics of the statement.

In the same picture design of the screen CAXA entity design, using a variety of commands, can be done from the fixture of the solid modeling entity to each part of the design process, and can be analyzed and modified at any time (overall, to the fixture parts to each fixture), until it reaches the the best designers expect. Then you can use the "compression" and "decompression" command to clamp the overall preservation and output of the project diagram and rename, and then separately save and output a single part of the project diagram and rename, to prepare for production drawings.

There is a very powerful database design elements on the right side of the screen, which has a wealth of information: the sphere, cone, sphere, I-shaped steel, color Goods are available in all varieties. designers can according to actual needs, and the commonly used fixture parts such as round pin, bolt, nut, pressing drill sleeve, a supporting plate made of spare parts enterprise standard add custom elements in the library. The element base has two important base: one is the gear library, which includes spur gears, helical gears, bevel gear, worm gear and worm and gear parts used in the design, you need some kind of gear if, as long as the corresponding graphics into the design environment, and the corresponding input through the dialog box get the required parameters, and the proportion of 1:1 in the physical entity gear graphics can be. The other is a bearing base: it includes a single row radial ball bearing, double row ball bearings, single row radial thrust ball bearings, single row tapered roller bearings and other commonly used bearing, similarly, you in the design if you need some bearings, drag and drop and the corresponding input parameters, you can get real and solid bearing ratio of 1:1 the graphics needed. The two important work in the library, can help you in many ways, such as design and improvement of machine tool gear box, with a solid design software can quickly add a single axis motion output transmission mechanism for drilling machine, lathe, the output for the multi axis motion, this is a bed or a lathe drilling efficiency and precision impossible.

There is a very core tool in the design of 3D entity, is often said that "the ball, to fully grasp the application of three-dimensional ball, entity design function control half", although this was somewhat exaggerated, but shows that the special status of 3D ball in this software, all functions throughout the application of three-dimensional ball the entity in the software design, it has a strong advantage compared to other 3D software. In order to master the physical design software, the 3D spherical function must have deep understanding.

It is easy and convenient to design parts and tooling with multiple spatial angles by CAD software CAXA entity. By measuring the relevant dimensions of the molding entity, the required design results are obtained. Therefore, the software is very suitable for the design of parts and tooling.

The following is the use of CAXACAD software used for the engine cylinder chamfering processing use "cylinder cylinder hole chamfering device" fixture device, the device has won the State Patent Office.

The size of the part is determined by the size of the cylinder bore of the machine to be designed. When manufacturing, the blade 1 is preferably provided with a hard alloy six to eight pieces, fixed by welding, grinding machine grinding in a cutting edge, so that the force of chamfer, cylinder bore mechanical equilibrium, high surface quality. The cutter body, the small end of the knife body diameter and rolling bearing outer edge can not collide, and 7 small circular inner ring positioning sleeve together. The small end circle length of the cutter body must be higher than the inner circle thickness of the positioning sleeve. The cutter body on a large circular groove, and drill two screws and screw of good, have been prepared by the installation stopper 4, if the cylinder chamfering depth required by screw 5 installed upper limit block 4, control the chamfering depth; no depth, No. The fixed mandrel diameter can be determined 3 body 1 and 6 rolling bearings according to the size of the inner hole knife, also can make the ladder cylinder, but the knife body 1 and an inner hole of the fixed mandrel 3 cylinder must be fit, the assembly and use are convenient. As long as the cutter body rotates, the positioning sleeve 7 can not move. When in use, the hand holding the tool handle 2, the positioning sleeve 5 gently inserted into the body in the hole, with the tools of its own weight to fall down, at the edge of the knife edge and the cylinder hole, handle downward force and rotating tool manipulator, the knife body and the inner ring of the bearing and rotation, and rotation the tool can be completed, chamfering and deburring burr processing. For different cylinder bore diameter, as long as the angle is the same, you can change the size of the outer diameter of the positioning sleeve 7 to complete the processing requirements. The structure of the device can be applied to chamfering the cylinder hole of any cylinder body, but the size is different.

In the small batch production: whether the trial class, or small batch production; whether in indoor processing, repair work or in the field; whether individual processing enterprises, or SMEs; whether there is no electricity or electric processing, processing; whether positioning processing, or the flow of processing, the device of chamfer cylinder bore and repair is a good helper. The device is useful both in today and in the future, as long as the cylinder hole of an organism needs chamfering.

In the mass or large batch production line, only one ordinary drill machine is needed, and the cylinder bore needs chamfering task. When in use, remove the handle 2, installed outside the body 0, fitted with a round pin cutter body 1 and an outer cone 0 fixed, adjust the blade 1 hard alloy blade angle (in line with the requirements of the design body, welded and fixed chamfer). With the chamfer depth requirement, the upper limit block 4, adjust the depth and screw fixed. The cone of the outer cone 0 is installed into the inner hole of the main shaft of the drilling machine, so as to realize a large amount of mobile production. Once the product is to be discontinued or switched to other products, it does not bring any loss to the enterprise, because it does not add any special equipment to the enterprise.

The device has the advantages of small size, light weight, simple structure, low cost, flexible movement and good effect, and the application prospect is immeasurable.

In the design process of the device, the CAXA electronic drawing board software is also fully applied. The electronic drawing board has very powerful standard parts library, such as round pin, screw, bolt, nut, spring, etc., which is convenient for designers to call. The fixture design about 50% standard parts can be directly from the library out, about 30% of the common parts such as bearing plate, bushing, positioning key plate etc. by the designers made common high standard piece into the library to save spare need, can be directly out from the gallery, the remaining approximately 20% such as the specific folder the drill template, according to the specific circumstances need to set. A fixture from design to completion only need to do about 20% of the work, 80% of the work prepared by the software in advance, with time out. This can greatly reduce the designers in the short time, the task is urgent, the completion of the design of labor intensity, the 80% of the time and energy on the fixture improvement and optimization.

CAXA for process planning and process guidance process chart software, process for working materials summary summary of software, drawings and data management for electronic document management software and other software, some can also be used for fixture design and application, according to my master, will not go into here.

I hope to be engaged in fixture design personnel to use CAXA design software as soon as possible, I believe you will quickly grasp and gradually love it, and hope you can draw a conclusion: CAXA software is the best software for fixture design.

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