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The Empire of automation

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Back when Chinese just the time of reform and opening up, the factory is full of all kinds of craftsmen, we be in full swing just by their craft will produce numerous goods, people really have to admire.But now, this situation has changed, if now into a modern chemical plant, will be surprised to find that today's factories have long been no crowd gathered, but only the roar of the machine.

What is an unmanned factory?"

What is an unmanned factory? Some videos of pipelining have been circulated on the Internet, starting with a whole chicken and gradually being broken up by machines into various chicken products. Also the production of crab crab factory, complete soon in the pipeline will be apart, even after the decomposition of people eat more than clean.

Fully automated crab processing plant (photo source BBC)

Some instant noodles factory in the video is to show the superiority of the pipeline, when the workers into wheat flour for generations, with the operation of the machine, the flour gradually turned into bread, and finally became the instant noodles in our daily life. In the CCTV financial program also reported an unmanned factory, the factory without any staff, from the surface, and put the stuffing and make dumplings, like 1 hours freely flowing style of writing production 100 thousand Steamed Jiaozi.If you rely on manual production, even if a skilled worker packs 20 dumplings a minute, then it is equivalent to the efficiency of 400 people, and the machine is tireless, you can keep this package at a constant speed, which greatly improves the efficiency of production.

These videos have a feature that is in their factories almost did not see any employees, are all on the line with the machine to complete the job, several staff occasionally see is at the end of may not pick out good packaging products, of course, more use of X light and metal detectors to achieve this effect.After watching these videos, all the netizens shouted and shocked, and even more said that he could watch this video for a day, which is also the charm of the mechanical assembly line in the unmanned factory.

Open source and throttling unmanned factory

Now Chinese is no longer low labor costs, high labor costs continue to squeeze all the profits of the manufacturer, no way only can through price increases to maintain production, but after the price of labor costs will rise, so this was a dead cycle.Today, the realization of modern equipment, the use of a large number of unmanned assembly line to produce, not only can improve production efficiency, but also can effectively avoid excessive labor costs, it is killing two birds with one stone.Zhou Lihua, President of Zhengda food enterprise Qinhuangdao Co., Ltd. said: the traditional food enterprises, the number of front-line employees are more than 1000 people, using machines instead of people, not only saves labor costs, and greatly improves the production efficiency.

The future direction is unmanned

The transition from labor-intensive factories to unmanned, intelligent and automation have now Chinese has been at a trend which cannot be halted, a transition period, through digitization, intelligent management, also let China enterprise from "big" to "strong", from "loose" to "special" excellence is right, only no chemical is the appearance of the factory of the future.Now China fast development, the international status is also increasing, Chinese factories are also faced with the upgrading of the port, intelligent is the direction of future development, Chinese has been to the world country.

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