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What is the most important of non-standard automation design?

Q: where are the difficulties in non-standard automation design?

Answer: program. Only in the understanding of product characteristics and product processing technology premise, can put forward feasible and reliable implementation plan, only under the guidance of the blueprint described by the designer, the project can be carried out methodically, and achieve the final results.

Q: what is the most important of non-standard automation design?

Answer: no unimportant. As far as the global design is concerned, as long as a screw is not screwed tightly, every factor affecting the final acceptance is very important.

Q: which is better, the dead positioning and the adjustable mechanism?

Answer: can do dead positioning, resolutely do death, need to match the positioning of the positioning; the error concentration, minimize the adjustable mechanism, avoid equipment debugging multiple adjustable matching, to achieve the final debugging effect, the adjustment mechanism coarse strip fine tune clear.

First, positioning

1, the positioning of the processing object, related to the determination of a large blueprint, to solve the problem of customer demand;

2, the docking positioning between single machine and single machine determines the reliability of line production;

3. The location of the components in the single machine determines the matching between the functional modules;

4, the positioning of the parts in the components, determine the nature of the action of the mechanism;

5, clear the positioning and locking concept, put an end to less positioning, avoid over positioning;

6, positioning is to solve the functional problems, to meet the functional requirements is the premise of the design;

Design points of non-standard automation


1, assembly process, is not installed up, is easy to install and dismantle?;

2, the structure of the process, to meet the accuracy of the premise of whether it is convenient to process, can be processed under the circumstances of whether the economy;

3, processing technology, process formulation to achieve the accuracy and strength of parts and life problems;

4, how to solve the technical problem is how to do;

human-computer interaction

1, whether convenient operation, whether it is convenient to observe the operation of equipment, equipment failure is convenient, troubleshooting;

2. Is it convenient for equipment maintenance and repair?;

3, humanized design, to solve the problem of how to do better;

The pipeline design is decomposed step by step, and finally the problem is implemented on every part, every size, the design becomes less difficult.

Q: how do you look at the theoretical and practical issues?

Answer: the theory is to guide practice direction, practical theory can not reach to the effect is often due to the practical details do not accord with theory, so every detail to do is very important; don't deny that some theoretical basis is not perfect, resulting in unexpected error, so perfect the theory of knowledge is very important to the theory; the requirements do the best, the final structure and theoretical results on the difference is not bad, to think the correct theory as the faith, do not deny theory; through the test of practice theory and practice if the gap is too large to dare to deny their own theory to determine the new plan, after all, practice is the sole criterion for testing theory the.