Industrial control today


October 18th news, with the rapid development of China's automation market, the demand for intelligent equipment continues to improve. MITSUBISHI motor closely close to the Chinese market, with many years of profound accumulation of FA products and network technology, the grand launch of a new generation of MELFA FA series of industrial robot products. What are the highlights of today's industrial automation industry? Let's get down to details.

MITSUBISHI motor new industrial robot MELFA FR series debut

With the rapid development of automation market in China, the requirement of intelligent equipment is continuously improved. MITSUBISHI motor closely close to the Chinese market, with many years of profound accumulation of FA products and network technology, the grand launch of a new generation of MELFA FA series of industrial robot products.

The new series retains the high rigidity, fine collection, high speed excellent body structure, CR800 controller can improve the overall: control cycle shortened to the previous 1/2, in which CR800-R controller and MITSUBISHI motor R series PLC seamless combination, communication cycle shortened to 1/4!

LuxeHome delivery 4 will deepen the layout of industrial, manufacturing and construction of large intelligent base in East china!

Recently, the custom Home Furnishing industry heavy news broke, LuxeHome delivery and Wuxi city Xishan District tin Beizhen Wuxi Municipal People's government, Xishan District People's government held a signing ceremony in Guangzhou.

From the "Xishan District industrial project investment agreement" can be seen, Luxuries delivery plans to invest in the construction of Wuxi 4 industrial production base in East China Home Furnishing intelligent customization project "intelligent custom Home Furnishing production workshop, east central warehouse supporting intelligent stereo structure and related facilities construction. After the completion of the project LuxeHome delivery of custom furniture and matching furniture production capacity will be greatly improved.

SIEMENS and IDS work together to create new high frequency electromagnetic engineering solutions for Simcenter

SIEMENS has recently entered into a strategic partnership with IDS Dei Sistemi, the Italy based independent engineering and systems technology firm (Ingegneria), and launched a high frequency electromagnetic (EM) Engineering solution. Since then, Simcenter? The combination will increase the design capability of electromagnetic performance for antenna design and installation, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), electromagnetic interference (EMI), electromagnetic hazards, and so on, so as to have more comprehensive functions. SIEMENS has been committed to the integration of product lifecycle management (PLM) and electronic design automation (EDA) software intelligent systems engineering, the two sides reached a partnership with SIEMENS's objectives. As a complement to the Mentor solution, this partnership will further strengthen SIEMENS's product portfolio for the field of automatic driving and IoT.

Shandong Lingong AGV development to create a model of intelligent manufacturing field

In recent years, with the concept of intelligent manufacturing to the gradual implementation of the ground, the rising cost of human resources, industrial robots in the efficiency, accuracy, cost showed great advantages, the machine instead of manpower has become an irreversible trend of development. With the mainstream of industrial automation and intelligent manufacturing, the AGV industry has ushered in an important opportunity for development. In Shandong Lingong production workshop, the AGV application has been gradually popularized, it promotes the enterprise production material delivery speed and accuracy.

AGV (Automatic Guided Vehicle), that is, automatic guided transport vehicle, can travel along the prescribed guidance path, with safety protection and various moving load function of the transport vehicle. Material transfer in the factory is one of the earliest "jobs" of AGV. In many factories, AGV has a place for reuse because of the need for repetitive handling of materials or products". Compared with walking, crawling or other wheeled mobile robots, AGV has the advantages of quick action, high efficiency, simple structure, strong controllability and good safety. In these work, AGV reciprocating transport between multi-point, can greatly save labor and time costs, improve transport efficiency.

The forerunner of "industrial 4" production system, the new BMW 5 series Li officially offline

Recently, with the BMW brilliance xindadong factory officially opened, a new generation of BMW 5 Li is also the official line. As a factory of BMW group in the global production system of the new factory, xindadong very forward-looking introduction of "4 industrial system, big data, networking, digital simulation and 3D printing technology innovation, production equipment and technology used in four workshops, as Chinese customer effort to build perfect a new generation of 5 long wheelbase products.

List of intelligent manufacturing demonstration projects released, a number of company projects selected

The Ministry recently published a list of 2017 intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration project, ZOOMLION, ZTE, medical Dunlop, Baosteel, state power south, Ding Internet and other listed

companies in the project.

According to the Ministry of industry introduction, one of the basic conditions of the 2017 intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration project, is the technology in the leading domestic or international advanced level, the key technical equipment used in the project, the software needs to be safe and controllable.

In addition, the company was operating and financial situation to good projects have been put into operation, and reduce operating costs, shorten the product development cycle, improve production efficiency and reduce product defect rate, improving the using efficiency of energy has achieved remarkable results, and continue to improve, with good growth.